Timing Services

We can time your meet or race -- big or small -- with bib chips, to fit your race budget. Our list of events includes track and field meets, cross country races and road races.

For cross country and road races, we use the IPICO chip timing system, with timing chips on the back of race numbers.

For track and field, we use FinishLynx Vision cameras paired with IdentiLynx cameras and MeetPro software. We can broadcast Live Results for your meet, and provide on-site, portable scoreboard that displays finishing places and times as runners cross the line.

Here is a simple listing of our standard charges for electronic timing. However, because races differ in needs, we encourage you to contact Pat Melgares (melgares@LetsGoRun.com) for a personalized quote for race timing.

Minimum Charge: $500

Bib Tag Timing (road races): $400 for first 133 runners, or $3.00 per registered participant

Mileage: .40/mile roundtrip from Manhattan, Kan.

Digital race clock: $75 rental (free if we are timing your race)

Finish line truss: $100 rental (only available if we are timing your race; proceeds are contributed to the Manhattan Cross Country Club)

Online registration: Free (even if we are not timing your race)

Live Online Results: Free so long as we can connect to the Internet with our own Hotspot.

If you need other assistance, equipment or supplies, or have questions, send email to Pat Melgares, melgares@LetsGoRun.com, with your request.